Invites will be sent to all eligible campers during the summer of 2018.

rap-a-hope2- programsCamp Ta-Kum-Ta in South Hero, Vermont and Camp Rap-A-Hope in Mobile, Alabama are the first Pediatric oncology camps to create an exchange program.  The past two winters two campers and two counselors from Camp Rap-A-Hope came to Vermont and participated in one of our Winter Programs. It was such a SUCCESS that Camp Rap-A-Hope wants some of Camp Ta-Kum-Ta’s campers to experience one of their programs.

Camp Ta-Kum-Ta has sent two campers and two counselors down to Camp Rap-A-Hope for their Teen Weekend which is held every fall!  Camp Rap-A-Hope has an excellent staff lined up, new art projects and many activities to produce a weekend of fall fun and memories.  This will be an excellent way to have Camp Ta-Kum-Ta’s campers to experience Camp Rap-A-Hope, create lifelong memories and make new friends.

2019 Dates

February 22th -24th 2019

Population Served

Children at least age 17 (or those still attending high school) who have or have had cancer and either lives in the State of Vermont or are treated in Vermont.  These Children must have successfully completed at least one year of our traditional summer program or a Winter Weekend. Children must have graduated from Camp Ta-Kum-Ta within the past year.

Program Length

Friday- Monday

If you should have any questions about this program, please contact the Camp Ta-Kum-Ta Office at (802) 372-5863.