In 2008, we purchased 103 beautiful acres in South Hero, Vermont. This property, now available all year long, will enable these special children and their families to grow and heal in ways never before possible.

Current Projects

2013 and 2014 were GREAT years for Camp Ta-Kum-Ta.  Click HERE to catch up on all of our most recent updates.

Plans for the Future

Water, Waste Water and Electrical upgrades
Waste water hook ups are ahead of us with the cabins, all needing bathroom facilities, sewer system, hook ups, septic tanks, pumping stations, purification tanks, mound systems and the piping to connect it all.

Landscaping (paths, low voltage exterior lighting)
Planting of trees and shrubs (2 trees and 5 shrubs at each cabin and 9 shrubs and a tree outside the activities building) will complete our landscaping needs at our facility. We will also need appropriate low voltage lighting from cabins to lodge and along the driveway from the gate to the security building.

Splash pad
This will require a complete plan developed with at least six elements provided. The splash pad will need a water source of its own.

Athletic fields & courts
We hope to put a ball field (ACT 250 permit needed)

Alarm system
The following buildings will need an alarm system: 1 cabin, security building, and the chapel area.

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